TCPs Goal

Our main goal is to serve fresh healthy meals on a daily basis that children enjoy at prices parents can appreciate.

Our menus focus on offering well balanced meals that kids love to eat! We feel that putting our emphasis on appealing, nutritionally balanced meals that kids will eat helps them concentrate better in class.

You hear about Nutrition everywhere…..what it’s doing, or rather what the lack of what it is doing to our kids.  The number of obese children is on the rise and what they eat affects their performance, their sense of well being and long term health. Health care professionals are quick to cite current diet patterns and the fast food industry with the decline of our children’s health.

We at The Children’s Pantry are parents too! We understand the importance of our own children to eat a well balanced meal. Therefore, we want to extend that importance to other children by providing a healthy, nutritious meal with great taste! We take pride in preparing our meals for the children. We understand that kid’s can have picky palates, therefore, we make sure that our menus are exciting, have a creative appeal and have that home-made touch, just like Mom’s, which makes them delicious down to the last bite.

Studies Show

Healthy meals grow healthy kids! That is the philosophy The Children’s Pantry is dedicated to incorporating into our school meal programs. The Children’s Pantry has helped spread the news about the importance proper nutrition has in developing healthy children with healthy minds. Schools benefit from a food service company that takes a priority approach to good nutrition.

Test scores, absenteeism and behavior are all affected by a student’s nutritional status. The Children’s Pantry takes good nutrition and good food seriously!

Purchasing and preparation techniques are all taken into consideration when planning menus for children. The Children’s Pantry has implemented the use of increased fresh fruits and vegetables and lower sodium and fat foods on school menus. We have increased the selections of whole grains and have eliminated frying of foods.