Is The Children’s Pantry CACFP Registered?

Yes, we are! The Kentucky Department of Kentucky Department of Education Nutrition and Health Services administers the federally funded Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This nutrition program reimburses participating childcare centers for meals provided to children in their care.


What is the minimum number of meals?

Due to logistical reasons our contract minimum is 25 for children and 10 for adults. This does not mean that you can’t get service if you only have 20 kids, it just means you will be billed and receive the equivalent of 25 meals.


How do you deal with allergies?

We treat allergies very seriously, your center will be responsible for letting our staff know (in writing) of any allergies your children have, this will help us to plan our menu and make the adequate changes to your center’s meal delivery.


Do you offer mechanically ground and pureed meals?

Yes, we have many adult centers that need this service and we are happy to be able to provide it!


How are the meals delivered?

Our meals are freshly prepared every morning and are delivered hot, in insulated bags. The bags will keep your meals hot until ready to serve. We offer meals in a family style or in individual servings, depending on your needs. We also offer breakfast & snacks.


How do you bill our school?

We bill twice a month, usually the 15th and 31st.


How do we change the number of meals to be delivered?

Any center can update their next day’s meal delivery up to 12pm (the previous day) We will accommodate your center’s needs even if it occasionally falls under the minimum meal requirement.